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'.$fname.' review - looks for evidence that are following online pharmacy laws and practice standards. If you do want to buy from an and you are sure that the is legitimate, there are still a few precautions you should take. Make sure you know exactly how much the order will cost, including delivery fees and any currency conversion rates. Also make sure you know how to get a refund if the product does not arrive, is damaged or not what you ordered. Use Top rated online pharmacies reviews: Generic pharmacies reviews, Canadian pharmacies reviews, Mexican pharmacies reviews, US & UK pharmacies reviews, Indian pharmacies reviews, ED pharmacies reviews.

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Liars and Thieves
by Deborah
on April 22, 2013
This so called pharmacy is nothing but a rip off scam. The only thing they do is lie to you. I ordered a bottle of 125 percocet on a Friday. I was told to call Sat. morning and get the FedEx tracking number. When I called, I was told that what I ordered was out of stock, but they would send me a bottle of 500 pills if I would just send them more money and they would give me a good price. I asked for a refund, but was told they don't do refunds. After much debate, I stupidly sent the money because the man guaranteed that I would receive the package on Mon and if anything went wrong, I would get my money back. (Contradiction since he said I couldn't get a refund with the original order.) Monday morning I called to get the tracking number again, and then they have the audacity to ask me to send more money because they say they have to pay the FDA and it's expensive! The man I spoke to at one point asked me my age and when I told him, he called me a liar. Then he turned around and said he wished he was in front of me so he could slap me! If anyone should be slapped, it should be him. I have never seen such poor customer service in the way they speak to you. Liars, yep liars and theives.
by David po
on April 11, 2013
Ok I tried ordering from them. Last night I put in my credit card info (fake) and online said it was good to go. Called up the local in the usa number and a India person answered I said I ordered last night with my cc and i was just checking to see if it as all set to go. The person told me I had to buy 120 more pills for only &75 more and if nt I have to pay for shipping. The website says free shipping by the way. I told him no I am all set cause this could be a scam. He then you loud and told me I better have a perscription cause I am going to be arrested and was hung up on. So beware people they are a scam

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