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HelpfulPharmacy HelpfulPharmacy review - HelpfulPharmacy is a legitimate online pharmacy - has reviewed HelpfulPharmacy and determined that it meets standards for online pharmacy safety and legality. Reputable online pharmacy and reasonable range. Customer service is responsive, HelpfulPharmacy a good source for brand and generics medicines. HelpfulPharmacy has partnered with an international shipping solution to bring many of the top selling products in the united states to customers all over the world. HelpfulPharmacy one of the largest online drugstore and pharmacy. HelpfulPharmacy has been verified as a legitimate online pharmacy by

Pharmacy title
Helpful Online Pharmacy - Ordering Made Simple
Website HelpfulPharmacy
Reviews 19
Votes 18
Pharmacy description Our online pharmacy is easy to navigate and ordering takes only a few minutes. Our website features extensive help information. You can call, email or chat live with our friendly team. Feel free to contact us if you have an questions.
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HelpfulPharmacy review
Country United Kingdom, GBR (GB)
City London
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by mark bran
on February 28, 2013
i found helpful pharmacy very good and professional, ordering was easy and efficient. my order was first stopped by customs but they sent again and all arrived safely second time and all in prompt time, will use them again next time.
Thumbs up
by Jack Hills
on December 7, 2011
Great service, poltice and helpful. Speedy delivery.
by Mark
on December 7, 2011
Quick and fast for me.
the real deal
by Jeff
on December 24, 2010
This website works and is easy to use. Also, because of past experience, worked with online help before ordering. They were easy to deal with and answered all questions quickly. The order arrived quickly in spite of having to clear customs. Price was as stated, which was very competitive.
Will use this company again.
waiting an order
by Riley
on July 24, 2010
So far so good. I am expecting my delivery tomorrow and have received appropriate email confirmations. For the person who did not get an email confirmation, in my case, it wound up in my spam mailbox. That is where I found the confirmation and you might look in yours too see if it is still there. I will report more should I find the product doesn't arrive tomorrow as promised.
pleasant transaction
by Ruby
on April 27, 2010
I recently ordered from a couple of simple things that I needed and couldn't get in New Zealand. It was an easy transaction online and everything came on time and as described.
very long and expensive delivery
by Fighter Boy
on October 4, 2009
Fast shipping as was described on the site, but very expensive! 30 bucks for 9 day delivery? Would think thwice about buying from them again
My experience
by Grace
on September 18, 2009
The price was one of the lowest that I've found, and the shipping was very fair and stated up front. I like that they use USPS Priority Mail. My order was shipped the day I ordered it or the day after, and it was well packaged. I'll certainly be returning to I have also ordered from a lower priced place (less expensive by about $0.50 a pill), and the order was lost and did not show up for weeks... and they never told me what the shipping costs until I saw it on my credit card bill. I say this only to emphasize how much I appreciate this store based on my previous experience.
trustworthy and real pharmacy
by William B. Sweeney
on August 2, 2009
I was able to get a really good price on my prescription. The cheapest I found online. But the good part is they are a legitimate. Other sites with cheap prescription drugs seem pretty questionable.
good but not the best. only 4 out of 5
by Hunter
on March 11, 2009
safe, secure, fast
could be cheaper though
Generics Fan
by Hannah, New Hampshire
on February 24, 2009
I've been recommending helpful-online-pharmacy for nearly 4 years to family, friends, co-workers, health care practitioners and persons waiting in line at queue at the bank, post office and grocery store. Helpful-online-pharmacy has consistently, reliably, promptly, accurately and economically filled and refilled my prescriptions that entire time. I'm vastly more satisfied and impressed with Helpfulpharmacy than Walmart, Walgreens, CVS/Albertson's, Safeway or Target. The generics they provide are consistent for years at a time, avoiding the variations and issues that can arise among generic manufacturers. Fulfillment is much faster than promised. The claimed processing time is 2 days, with 14-day shipping at no additional charge. Products consistently arrive in 11 days total, occasionally less. Prices are competitive with any online supplier, and usually lower than any of the brick-and-mortar pharmacies.
by Samantha
on February 5, 2009
Excellant service, the price could be a little lower but it is not bad as it is. You get what you pay for in most cases. The product was a very good product and performed well. The prescription came in a bottle with my name and address on it and with a prescription number date and instructions as to dosage etc. Very professional and legitimate, no one could question it at all. Will definitely use them again.
genuine Rx, no conf.mail was send
by Mia
on January 11, 2009
First time user. Got order ok, although the customer service was not very clear about the the follow up phone call and also did not send a confirmation. Otherwise, very good. I would use them again.
no problems and great price
by Thomas & Sophia, WA
on November 7, 2008
As the people said, it really like the one as we want!!! Cheap and good.
Satisfied first time customer
by Patriot
on August 13, 2008
I am a very satisfied first time customer and plan on being a long term customer.
Even though I have an APO address the tracking was great. I have a prescription for the product and believe me the generic gives the same results as the Name Brand.
affordable Rx
by Mary
on May 6, 2008
This is my first review of an online pharmacy. I've relied on other people's reviews when trying out an online pharmacy and I really appreciate them, so I decided it's time to let others know what my experience with a particular online pharmacy was like. This one is the best I've ever dealt with. Their site is very easy to use and they carry some of the most popular medications that people are looking for. The prices are pretty good compared to other online pharmacy sites. Due to problems with high blood pressure and being on medication, was advised to try one product by doctor. I personally would not buy this drug from local chemist due to being very expensive per pill. I could afford it here at HELPFUL online Pharmacy. This is now my exclusive online pharmacy.
Very Happy
by D.T.
on March 6, 2008
Great site, prices, fast service - site updates slow for tracking info, but shipping was faster than expected. No phone calls, just order and wait for your order to arrive.
much cheaper compared to CVS
by Addison CT
on January 13, 2008
I ordered generic Seroquel (prescription needed in US, but not needed outside of US). I saved $90. I also ordered generic Lamisil (prescription needed, but generic versionn is only available outside of US). I saved a whopping $625 ($175 vs $800) for 60 pills. The e-mail communication was excellent for me. I'll definately order from them again.
Honest pharmacy
by Juliette, Quebec, Canada
on December 7, 2007
They ship very speedy and keep you informed as to the day to day
progress of shipping. I've used them for several years and I'm always
very pleased. Very honest, great site.

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