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'.$fname.' review - looks for evidence that are following online pharmacy laws and practice standards. If you do want to buy from an and you are sure that the is legitimate, there are still a few precautions you should take. Make sure you know exactly how much the order will cost, including delivery fees and any currency conversion rates. Also make sure you know how to get a refund if the product does not arrive, is damaged or not what you ordered. Use Top rated online pharmacies reviews: Generic pharmacies reviews, Canadian pharmacies reviews, Mexican pharmacies reviews, US & UK pharmacies reviews, Indian pharmacies reviews, ED pharmacies reviews.

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by Me
on April 28, 2013
They never sent me an email at all, nevermind one with the shipping date and country of origin as they promised...but when I checked the status of my order late Friday evening, they had updated the status of my order to "shipped". I'lll get back when my (hopefully not poisoned) order arrives.
0 ....scam?
by Me
on April 28, 2013
Hello all. I'm new here and apologize in advance if something about my post is inappropriate.

I ordered 10 30 mg addy's from I did some research I could but didn't find this site until after I had ordered. Anyway, I decided to pay by credit card(CC) and did so. They didn't charge my card right away. An hour later I received a call back from the site explaining that I could not use a CC for this medication and was told they would only accept either an e-check via e-gold(out of the question for a site that is new to me and shady) or a Western Union(WU) money transfer. I told her to just cancel the order then. She said"OK" and hung up. She didn't try to sell me, nothing. I called back that day and "un-cancelled" the order. That same day(Thurs. 4-18-13) I sent 129.00(99 for the pills plus 30 for shipping) via western union to someone in Pakistan. "Lara Moser" sent me the details of where to send the WU via email and told me to just reply to her email if I had any questions. She also gave me her direct phone #(810-487-4512) and she always answers or responds very quickly to both phone calls and email messages. I contacted "Lara Moser" via email the next day and she explained that it normally takes a couple of days for them to pick up the Western Union. This actually made me more confident because I thought if they were a scam, they would either try to charge my credit card or they would be in a mad rush to pick up the money transfer. After all, once they have my money they could just stop contacting me. I imagined if they were just stealing people's money they would be bombarded by calls from pissed off scamees. Anyhow, I checked the WU transfer status using the MTCN# they supplied on Monday and it reported that the WU money had been picked up. I contacted Lara Moser again by both phone and email and she told me to be patient as they had to heard from the guy that collects the WU payments yet.

I started doing some research and found a link to this thread and another at:

That's when I accepted that I had probably just made a donation.

I contacted Lara Moser again and explained that I had found these web pages and it appears that of other people that order from them, one recieved legit perc's on his first order. Subsequent orders and other people's first orders were delivered in the form of unmarked pills that look nothing like painkillers produced anywhere legitimately. It seems if you complain, they re-ship pills that are scored correctly but have no effect and are enclosed in blister packs with the manufacturer's name missplled. Another complaint I've read was that shipments get stuck in customs for two weeks plus. In an email, I told her if they plan to send me placebo then I would prefer to just have my money refunded, they could WU it back and I would take a hit on the transfer fee, happily. Here was her response:

Dear [edited out],

I just check the Western Union file and we received the money. In 24/48 hs your order will be ship out.
Regarding the fake pills situation , we always sent the same medication and they are not placebos,of course they can get stuck in customs but, it s the real medication.

Best regards,
Lara Moser.
Callcenter Team

I just checked the status of my order on their site today(Thurs. 4-25-13...exactly one week after I made the original order and sent the WU transfer)and it has finally changed from "confirming status" to "in process of shipment". They say they'll email me when my order is shipped with both the date shipped and the country of origin.

The also have two phone numbers. I called the first(810-487-4510) when I first came across the site. I had sent an email via the "contact us" part of their site. I asked a few questions about their site asking how long they had been in business, how much is shipping, are you a scam site(stupid questio, I know), etc. They replied with that phone number and explained they were legit, had been in business 9 years, etc. I found another forum where someone asked where to get adderall. The forum rules said they couldn't ask those questions but someone replied"just use google, trust really works". So I decided to call the number and asked if they supplied adderall. She responded that they had two sites that offered adderall, the cheapest of which being over $300 for 10 30mg pills. I told her that the price was lower at "" and she said "oh yeah, they offer the medication for $99". Apparently it's one phone number for a bunch of websites. Lara Moser only deals with "".

I think I wasted my money but I'll find out soon enough. I'll update this review once I receive something. Best of luck, but def. be wary of this site.
Adderall from
by EvrOpTmistic
on April 24, 2013
Hello all.

I recently ordered 10 adderall pills from I ordered on Thursday 4-18-13. I paid via credit card but got a call an hour later and they told me they cannot fill orders of this medication paid for by credit cards. They said I had to use either an online check(out of the question) or Western Union. I sent 129.00(99 for the pills and 30 for shipping) via Western Union the same day. They finally contacted me today to tell me they received word from the WU collector that I have paid. They say the order should ship within 24-48 hours.

I decided to do a little more research today and found the following threads:

They basically said that they ordered percocet and the first order was legit. The second order looked nothing like a perc and had no effect. They complained and received a new shipment of pills that are scored like the real thing, but had no effect and had the manufacturer's name mispelled on the bliter pack.

I fired off an email saying to just refund my $ if they were gonna send placebo. They claim that most oreders are recieved in 10-15 business days but I read that they often get stuck in customs for weeks in NY's JFK customs. Here is the response I got:

I just check the Western Union file and we received the money. In 24/48 hs your order will be ship out.
Regarding the fake pills situation , we always sent the same medication and they are not placebos,of course they can get stuck in customs but, it s the real medication.

They mispell everything and it's killing my confidence. I'll keep you posted on the status of my order...when it finally ships and when it arrives and whether it's fake or not.

They blacklisted this pharm on the overseas pharmacy forum. They do take a long time to get an order out but if they do actually send legitimate adderall you'll be the first to know. In the mean time, I would not order from this site. My problem is I can't find any pharmacies that send legitimate adderall and are well reviewed. I just hope that if these pills are fake they don't make me sick. I mean, someone could just make the fuckin things in their bathtub and pass it off as "generic" medication.

Thanks for all of your posts...I wish I had read them before shipping my (very) hard earned cash to them.

Oh and BTW, they have phone numbers. The first number is 810-487-4510. This is a general phone number and they control a massive number of sites. When I called about adderall, they said they had two pharmacies, both sell 10 30mg adderall for over $300. When I told them I had another site that listed them for $99, they said oh yeah, that site sells for $99. Really, really weird.

The second number is 810-487-4512. That is "Lara Moser"'smain number. She always answers or returns my calls and she is very prompt in replying to emails. This leaves me confident that they will in fact send something, as she would be bombarded with calls on that line if they just took your money and sent nothing.

OK, it's just a waiting game now. Please post if you have found a legit overseas "no-prescription" site for adderall.
Still Awaiting Resolution
by Nicola Bocarro
on July 8, 2012
So after making the company aware of my incorrect order I was sent an e-mail stating that a "Our Quality Claims Department will get back to you with a solution to this matter within the next 48hs"
That was on June 30th

I then received another e-mail on July 2nd stating that a "new shipment would be sent" and "You will receive another email from us during next hours confirming new departure."

By July 7th I'd heard nothing, questioned them again and am told my order is "waiting to be dispatched"

Again - benefit of the doubt for now but they're not filling me with confidence!!!
by Nic
on June 30, 2012
I've ordered and paid for Vicodin. Received some Combunox tablets with a vicodin label glued to the blister pack!
I've disputed the order.
Giving them the benefit of the doubt at the mo - see if it gets resolved.
Will keep posted!
by claudia
on April 6, 2012
please if you have ordered online bontril and you were satisfied about the product, shipment etc.. please post the link.
By the way I contacted and they tell me they do not send the original product but a substitute and also they are located in Belize not in Russia.
I did not ordered with them because they do not sale the original product and the price is very very high.
please let us know if you have any news
has anyone ordered bontril
by kzhaq
on March 28, 2012
I really want to it online without prescription. If someone has ordered them online, please share the link. I really really need them!
is this pharmacy reliable???
by claudia
on March 26, 2012
Jeffrey, what about your order? did you receive the shipment? How were the product?
please let me know

I am interest in BONTRIL, they say they seel this med. Does anyone here order Bontril? was the brand product delivered or a substitute?
do not order from here
by may
on March 15, 2012
I ordered pain meds...only 10 but when I received them they were in a plastic baggy. No label, no description. I am not taking them.
Hey Jeffrey
by Isabella
on March 6, 2012
I want to know if you ever got the product? I hope you see this because I'm considering ordering from them
blacklisted pharmacy
by Jeffrey beaudry
on February 6, 2012
I went online to buy a medication because I thought it would be more convenient. I found another pharmacy on a pharmacy review website going by the pages looked very similar at a glance so i decided to take a closer look. To contact a consultant by phone both and use the same phone # ! 810 275 0708. they are basically the same website under a different names the only difference between the 2 is that 1 is blacklisted, but they appear to be the same pharmacy.
not much has happened
by Jeffrey Beaudry
on February 6, 2012
I am starting to think ordering from this pharmacy may not have been a good idea. I am the only person that has given them a reviews this site shows that they are in Russia but the phone # for costumer service is somewhere in Michigan. It has been well over a week since my order was paid for and processed and the status of my order has not changed. It has not yet been shipped but according to E-mails I received from them it should have already been shipped. I am not sure if there is an explanation for the delay, if there is I have yet to hear it. I will know for sure at a later date if this pharmacy is legitimate or if I was scammed. I am hoping for the best but from all the research I have done about online pharmacy's it does not look to good for me at this point when I know for sure I will set the record straight.
First time online pharmcy user
by Jeffrey Beaudry
on February 4, 2012
I placed an order with on
Thursday, January, 27, 2012. On Friday, January, 28, 2012 I was informed via Email that payment for my order had been processed. Then on Tuesday, February, 1, 2012, I contacted a consultant by phone to find out when my order would be shipped, I was told it takes 5-7 business days after the payment has been processed. On Wednesday, February, 2, 2012 I revived a message via Email letting me know that my order would be dispatched out on the next shipment. I figure at the latest my order will be shipped by
Tuesday, February, 7, 2012, Which would be 7 business days after the payment for my order was processed. Either way I will leave word if the order has or has not been shipped by Tuesday, February, 7, 2012. I will keep posting on the status of my order until I revive it and I will post on the condition and quality of the shipment when I revive it. So if others are trying to choose an on line pharmacy hopefully this information will help them decide on weather or not this is the on line pharmacy for them. I do not work for this business and I am in no way affiliated with them I am only writing these reviews so other people reading them will know what to expect. The reason I chose to go with this company rather then another, because they charge a lot less then other pharmacy's that provide the same things. for anyone reading this I will keep you posted.
First time online pharmacy user
by Jeffrey Beaudry
on February 1, 2012
I have placed an order at I placed the order a few days ago and the payment has been processed, It has not yet been shipped. I cannot yet give them an accurate review but as soon as I am notified that my order has been shipped I can write a review as to how long it took the product to arrive after it was shipped and if I was satisfied with the quality of the product.

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