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'.$fname.' BB Pharmacy review - looks for evidence that BB Pharmacy are following online pharmacy laws and practice standards. If you do want to buy from an BB Pharmacy and you are sure that the BB Pharmacy is legitimate, there are still a few precautions you should take. Make sure you know exactly how much the order will cost, including delivery fees and any currency conversion rates. Also make sure you know how to get a refund if the product does not arrive, is damaged or not what you ordered. Use Top rated online pharmacies reviews: Generic pharmacies reviews, Canadian pharmacies reviews, Mexican pharmacies reviews, US & UK pharmacies reviews, Indian pharmacies reviews, ED pharmacies reviews.

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BB Pharmacy
Website BB Pharmacy
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Pharmacy description BB Pharmacy is dedicated to providing cutting-edge medicine through Internet technology. The BB Pharmacy physicians specialize in consulting with privacy-minded individuals and prescribing popular medications. These medications, sometimes called "embarrassment" drugs, are prescribed and dispensed by our physicians and pharmacists!
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BB Pharmacy review
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Generic Xanax
by Elaine Alexis
on March 15, 2012
Ordered one, said it would take 7-14 days, took over a month. Now they call call me twice a day to the point I had to block their calls. 21 call in 14 days, they also route through other carriers as Sprint and MCI. Now cannot access their website. Stay away. I have filed complaints with DO not Call registry and FCC
Will Steal your credit card info!!
by Summer
on March 8, 2012
I used this co. 2x. Then "Daniel Cohen" stole my cc info and charged over $500 of merchandise from Aussiebaum overseas. They are crooks and they pull you in, send you a couple of orders to gain your trust and then BOOM! Steal your credit card info. I had to get a new credit card. My their fraudulent charges were charged back to my card so no dice, Assholes! Get a REAL job. Oh, I contacted the local PD and they are turning it over to Interpol. That is why their website is shut down. HAHAHA! Stay away. You have been warned!
out of business
by mpotter
on February 16, 2012
they no longer exist on the internet.they have sent me many fake you cannot even log on to there web site.i have a pak coming any day just cleared custumes in New York.Hope this help.Stay away from these crooks.
on February 14, 2012
i am sorry that happend to the bad reviewers and their credit cards...i DO hope i can continue to trust this pharmacy..i love their xanax brand from India more than i like the American brand of is suprisingly cleaner feeling...i dont feel so sluggish, and my anxiety is gone! i can roll thru my day nicely with these meds...i just reordered from them!!
This company is a fraud
by Orlando Catinchi
on February 7, 2012
On January 1,2012 I ordered from these people generic ambien and received a confirmation notice from On January 14,2012 My order was charged to my credit card account by SPARIS FR.
One month later I am still waiting for my order to arrive.
Their customer service phones 1-888-839-4703 and 1-888-837-4710 are no good and don't bother e-mailing them-No answer.
My recommendation...STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY.
Also, stolen credit card info
by Red dog
on December 6, 2011
Samr scenario as Detective, occuring in early November. Am getting lots of emails on every subject - must be selling my info.
on November 27, 2011
Did you use them 3 times successfully? Perhaps a disgruntled employee got your cc info? I am concerned as I just made a purchase from them...
They will steal your credit card
by Detective
on November 26, 2011
I used these crooks 3 times and then they used my credit card and purchased $400 worth of merchandise on my card. I called the credit card company and they refunded the charges and sent them to the fraud department. They are crooks and if a guy named Daniel Cohen calls you from this company to do a side deal hang up on him. He is shady. If they haven't gotten you yet, they will trust me! I just had to order a new credit card!!!
Very Good Service
by Strawberry
on September 28, 2011
Used them once and was worried but my medicine arrived within 10 days and it is a Valium made in Asia but let me tell you, it is the real deal. i slept for 6 hours on one pill. I googled the description of the pills to make sure they were not poison and they are real Roche 10mg Valium from Asia. They came discreetly by USPS in an evelope with a plastic sandwich bag. I will buy from again!!
by gina
on May 18, 2011
i had a very good experience.
nice shop!
by Nick LA
on December 5, 2010
I have used 101tabs probably 20X, They were always prompt with Fedex second day deliveries. I have not used them in a while because the State of Louisiana prohibits the selling of the medication I was taking without a prescription. I was taking Soma I have 2 bbulging disks in my back and Soma helped with the pain and it helped with insomnia that accompanied the aches after a hard days labor. I wish they would change it back but that is unlikely so I live with the pain and sleeplessness.
BB Pharmacy review
by Reviewer100649
on July 7, 2010
I am very pleased with the service from . Before placing my order (for generic Viagra) I called them to get a sense about their customer service staff. The person who answered the phone spoke perfect English (what a concept), and quickly answered all my questions. I then placed my order on line, which was very easy. Their ordering screens are excellent and easy to follow. The goods arrived on Feb 3, 2010, well before the projected delivery date, and were boxed appropriately. I was totally satisfied and will buy from them again.
BB Pharmacy review
by Reviewer100626
on December 13, 2008
I've bought from them for over a yr 1/2 and never had a problem. It does take 2-3 weeks to get your items so do plan ahead, the best times to get customer service from them is about 10-11pm Pacific time as they are in England and that is their morning time. You will create a Cid-Customer Id # and they are good with returning your emails. They cannot give advice on what you are ordering so know ahead of time what you are ordering and what for. I like the products like antibiotics from the New Zealand distributors better than from India, they will take a week longer also than the India distributor to get to you.
BB Pharmacy review
by Reviewer100650
on September 9, 2008
I saved $1000 on two prescription drugs (half a year supply, generic drugs) from The ordering was easy and their staff in California very was helpful. Most of all, they quoted 30 days delivery and I received it in 13 days after confirming the order. I definitely would buy from them again.
BB Pharmacy review
by Reviewer100647
on April 18, 2008
This was the first time I ordered from this company and I was completely happy with the transaction. The order was shipped quickly, was well-packaged, and the price was good. Highly recommended.
BB Pharmacy review
by Reviewer100646
on August 29, 2007
The Customer service at this company is the best I have experienced in a long long time. There was a mix up in the warehouse and I was shipped the wrong product, product was no longer being manufactured and hard to find. Went through normal channels and got a second order with the wrong product. At this stage most companies would give up and figure they had lost the customer. This company went the extra mile and made sure the order was corrected even though the profit was most likely lost to shipping at this point. They contacted me daily and even called to be sure everything was in order. I know it does not sound great that there were two mix ups but the handling by the representative was superb in this day of no customer service. Things happen in the warehouse, but most companies today would not treat the customer with the care this company did.

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