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| medical and pharmaceutical articles at goldpharma
Reviews 8
Votes 10
Pharmacy description . . your discreet international pharmacy escrow service
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Country Costa Rica, CRI (CR)
City San Jos
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very Reliable company
by claudine
on November 25, 2012
I too have been using this company for about 3 years and can absolutely promise you they are NOT one of those internet scam pharmacies.The products come mostly from pharmacies from EU countries such as Spain Germany Greece,in their original package just like if you bought it yourself from the corner chemist shop in those countries (it's up to you to choose the provenance by the "brand" of med you choose).Theyre pretty quick too.the only time I ever had a problem and my order didnt arrive they were very good about it, as soon as i emailed them they sent me a second order for no extra charge.I thought that was very honest of them...If you dont have a script you have to have a consultation with one of their dr's doctor via a pretty complete questionnaire.Some countries allow prescriptions+ online/distance tele consultations.The doctor will also tell you how many pills to take and how often.Yes,it will perhaps be a bit more expensive for us Europeans with a home National Health-type system because you will have to pay 8 euros for the medical consult + the postage & handling (around another 8 or 9 euro for EU). The meds themselves are just very slightly higher than you would pay yourself in a EU pharmacy but all in all the prices remain pretty reasonnable.At least you're sure of getting REAL meds and that's a priority for me!Goldpharma only sells "regular- non hot" type meds, by that I mean they dont offer opiates, pain pills ( apart from over the counter type stuff like 200mg ibuprofen), sleeping pills, tranquilizers/benzos etc.In my view that just emphasizes that they're a pretty serious non scammer type company.
by Anonymous
on October 6, 2012
Eu network of wholesalers with their it headquarters based in Germany
by Anonymous
on October 6, 2012
Europe sourced medication
by Anonymous
on October 6, 2012
Most medications ate sourced from Europe , escpecially Germany and Spain and Greece. I am pharmacist myself and I am sure that every medication I received is genuine.

If you place an order that it is from a Spain phaceutical warehouse then it is been shipped from Spain, from
a German one , then fromGermany, from a Greek one then from Greece. It is a network of EU pharmaceutical warehouses.

It seems that I have found a way male use of the german law loopholes and allow to legally run this amazing business.

Amazing because you can see the reality , eg Mirtazapin(from Germany) , Mirtazapina(From Spain) , Mirtazapine(from Greece).

It is a network , with the IT centre based in Germany, and then the eu wholesalers can advertise their products.

The variety is huge. From local german generic drugs to brand names from Greece, etc.

Highly recommended . At last a source that is not a latin america based pigstai like most illegal online drug stores.

The german law allows german drugstores to sell online legally.

No catch or small letters - everything transparent.
Actually they are pretty awesome.
by jan
on June 1, 2012
I see one bad review on here, but please don't let that make you think this is a scam company. I've been getting meds (thyroid, antibiotics and prednisone) from them for years with no problems. Only once did I have some sort of slight problem, and I emailed them and they resent a new order right away with no extra charge. There is small "prescription fee" but it's only about $8, which is worth it when you consider you don't have to have a prescription for anything. Not sure where they are based, sometimes my packages have a postmark from Spain, sometimes Germany. But who cares, I get the meds I need without a prescription and the prices are fine.

Recently the American government was trying to crack down on people getting their meds overseas, so they somehow "forced" these companies to ship their packages via sea instead of airmail (just to inconvenience everyone I guess) and that greatly lengthened the delivery time. HOWEVER I think GoldPharma has since ignored this new rule because I seem to get my packages in ten days or so, which is great because I'm not patient.

This is one of the few companies that isn't a scam. I say feel free to order without fear or hesitation! (and even more importantly, order without a prescription!)
by Liz
on April 26, 2012
I didn,t have much problem either
Didn't have much problems with them
by Dorothy
on October 25, 2011
Didn't have much problems wth them, though sometimes it might take a while to get the medication delivered.
dont trust GolDpharma
by Lucy
on February 7, 2011
Have been waiting for an order since the 20th of October. Emailed goldpharma and they promptly answered, apologizing for any inconvenience and promised to resend order. It is now almost the middle of February and, you guessed it. No meds are delivered. Used this pharmacy once before and had no problem, but waiting two months for needed mredication is completely unacceptable. I am going to demand my money back and have to wait yet even longer to get my meds from another pharmacy but at least I will GET THEM, (most likely will go with the previous reputable or other I will find on this site) if I order them somewhere else. GoldPharmacy SUCKS!!

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