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10 review
by Reviewer100491
on June 13, 2010
This order never showed up till April 30, 2007. I tracked the order and found that it had been returned to sender because it had been damaged in transit. I therefore contacted their customer service and a representative placed the order again for me on April 30, and to compensate for the delay, assured me that it will be sent out by 3-day shipping on UPS, and that the order will definitely reach me latest by May 4.

As of May 5, my order still did not reach me and I contacted UPS who told me that though they received the billing information on May 2, the package did not actually reach them till May 3 and since 3 day shipping does not include Saturday delivery, it will be delivered only on May 7.

I contacted customer service again on May 5 to ask who screwed up this time, and they readily owned up to their mistake. However, when asked to address their mistake, the best they offered to do was an in-store $25 credit against a FUTURE order!!

This was the last straw. Not only did I not receive my order nearly month a later, they offered NO compensation for what they clearly admitted was their fault, and instead want to credit me with $25 drugstore dollars against a FUTURE order!

I will never be returning to this store again, and would like to caution anyone who thinks of using them in the future. If you don't need your item soon (or ever), go ahead. If you have a short term need for it, shop elsewhere, this company don't deserve your business.
8 review
by Reviewer100448
on May 31, 2010
This was my first time ordering "something" from Drugstore. Being a 1st time customer, I was able to get a discount ($5) off my order. Drugstore had a lot of products along with great prices compared to other places, but didn't have a product that I wanted, but I was able to find an alternative which suited my needs. My order got free shipping and shipping speed was ok; took 8 days. I forward in doing business again with Drugstore.
2 review
by Reviewer100440
on May 20, 2010
I placed my order (prescription) on Feb 18th 2010 and it is still not here. I contacted customer service and they told me that they were waiting for my Doctor to verify my prescription. Where they just gonna keep on waiting and not say anything to me, if I didn't contact them first? They did contact me and told me TO CALL MY DOCTOR AND HAVE THEM CALL DRUGSTORE.COM! WHAT?? Well, I did just that and the next day the Doc verified the order.. HOWEVER... you would think as soon as they got the verification that it would be shipped out, especially because I have contacted them 3 TIMES!! My order staus is telling me that I should receive it by the 9th of March.. REALLY?? I HAVE TO WAIT ALMOST 3 WEEKS for my meds!! This is absolutley ridiculous and uncalled for.. So much for trying to save a few bucks!!

Last word.. if you don't mind waiting almost a month for medication, this is the place for you!!!
10 review
by Reviewer100508
on May 15, 2010
10 review
by Reviewer100494
on April 27, 2010
This is my first review. I think I've been saved a lot of problems by avoiding sellers with bad ratings, so now it's time for me to provide input. I never had a bad experienc with I've ordered twice from them and in both cases, the order was processed quickly and delivery was fast.
10 review
by Reviewer100511
on April 3, 2010
Ordered Feb 02nd, shipped 03rd UPS, arrived on-time.

Website & ordering was easy to use and get order follow-up info. Search could be better.
2 review
by Reviewer100478
on March 13, 2010
I wanted to update this message: after calling them and explaining that they had never properly answered my messages online, they DID replace my order at no charge, and they did it very promptly! So I will continue to place orders with them.

They sent me a package and the contents spilled in the box. I wrote them several emails and never got a proper answer. Each time I wrote them, they sent me an automated response that had NOTHING to do with what I wrote!
2 review
by Reviewer100492
on March 10, 2010
I have too bad experience with them. I have ordered from them twice: in the first time, I have ordered two kinds of moisturized lotions, and the quantity was three of both of the lotions. They sent me, however, five lotions of the first kind and only one lotion of the second kind.
In the second time, I have ordered from drugstore six large moisturized lotions, but they sent me five large moisturized lotions and one small moisturized lotion (different type and cheaper than of what I have ordered!!!).
Strongly, I do not recommend any one purchase from this store.
2 review
by Reviewer100474
on March 5, 2010
Horrible customer service. Would not wish this type of service on my worst enemy. RUN AWAY!!!
2 review
by Reviewer100470
on March 3, 2010
Very Unsatisfied. Got used/old bottle of Redken conditioner, will never order again.
2 review
by Reviewer100485
on February 4, 2010
I'm very unhappy with my recent purchase experience at They delivered my order to the wrong place, apologized and substituted another order with one-day shipping. The second order never shipped. Their ordering process seems to be very disorganized. Their customer service was ineffective in resolving my problem. I will not use them again.
10 review
by Reviewer100457
on January 18, 2010
I've used for years, with excellent satisfaction in products and service. You can ask for USPS shipping, e.g. to PO boxes, if you are sick of UPS.

However be aware that their packing is only average, compared to other retailers. I might be a bit skeptical about ordering glass bottles. And while their free-shipping offers are fine for my largish orders, plan in advance that those can take 10-12 days.
10 review
by Reviewer100486
on January 16, 2010
Items arrived in 1 week. Excellent time for overseas shipping. The prices aren't the cheapest nor is the extra shipping for US Territories, but I really needed the items I ordered. They no longer ship to US territories, too bad...
10 review
by Reviewer100455
on January 5, 2010
Ordered on Thursday Feb 5th and received items on Feb 9th. Packed perfectly and order received exactly as ordered.
10 review
by Reviewer100467
on December 30, 2009
I usually shop here for vitamins and skin cares products, they have review systems for products which is pretty good, since I don't know which one to buy. Prices are good, and coupons are available for first time buyers which makes the purchase better, but sometimes prices changes pretty fast, one vitamin I bought has increased $4.50 right after I bought it, awwww, hope it goes back to the cheaper price when I need it again in 1 month.
2 review
by Reviewer100454
on December 29, 2009
I will not ever waste time and money dealing with again.

Not any better than the neighborhood drugstore - worse in customer service.


Gimmicks for supposedly saving money but prices are comparable with Target and Walgreen's. The hassle you have to go through dealing with them is not worth the trouble.

If you add in shipping cost if there are any, you're better off going somewhere else. Tandhe prices with shipping addied in have to be more than just going to Target - same prices but without shipping.

The only free sample I got from was the mess in the box when it arrived. The cleansing lotion I ordered was smashed and leaking all over everything in the box and through to the outside of the box.


I had to start over completely 4 times just as I was completing my order because ofirst one thing then another - all set up by


Does not exist. would not accept the description in the emails I sent them about the damaged shipment and kept demanding I call them and wait on :"hold" until they got to me. Then, they would listen to my problem and decide what they might do about it. There was no glimmer of hope that they would replace the damaged product. Nevermind all the time spent cleaning up the mess and the delay in starting the regimen the dermatologist put me on.

Shipping is free for orders over $49. My order qualified for free shipping. Maybe that is the reason no packing materials were placed in the box with the 6 items I ordered.There was only one small piece of bubble wrap loosely tossed on top of the shipped items.

Merchandise did not arrive when stated - was sent late.


The merchandise was not packed. Everything was just put in the empty box, and a small piece of bubble wrap placed on top - not even tucked. The lotion cleanser leaked all over everything - other items, inside the box, outside the box. Luckily, it was a cheap box so it absorbed the leaking lotion instead letting drip on anything outside the box.


After over a week of getting stalling tacticsand being subjected to obstructionist strategies in trying to get my damaged product replaced, I have to be logical and say it's better to pay the same price for merchandise and get it from a merchant that can be trusted.

I don't need the aggravation this company put me through just trying to get them to make good their damaged delivery.

Just out of curiosity, I looked up the company, it's status, and it's officers and directors. Folks this is a penny stock - going for less than $1.50 a share, according to I wouldn't give you even a penny for it.
10 review
by Reviewer100484
on December 13, 2009
The Rx portion of my order was lost in the mail (they track via USPS and it never showed delivery). You have to wait 10 *business* days until they will reship but I ordered well in advance of my needs. After the 10 days they sent me a free replacement via overnight UPS.

Things do get lost in the mail and aside from the mandatory waiting period (which I can understand), drugstore seems to handle the situation very well.
10 review
by Reviewer100513
on November 15, 2009
I've regularly ordered from since I first discovered it over 2 years ago. I do still visit real (read: not online) drugstores (for things like soap, shampoo, toilet paper, etc. It just seems too lazy to buy these types of things online), I really enjoy being able to find things in that I cannot find in regular stores, or that I would be too embarassed to buy in person (yep, I'm one of those people).

Another thing I love about is that you get free shipping when your purchase is $49 or over (and my order is always more than this amount anyway, I stock up for a couple months at a time). Also, you can purchase high-end makeup through their sister site and have it all billed and shipped to you in the same box!

Sure, sometimes SOME of their prices can be a few cents or a couple dollars more than some brick and mortar stores, but c'mon! You don't have to waste gas driving to the store, and you don't pay sales tax, I think that kind of evens out the price.

They also have special deals everyday, and there will occasionally be sales on certain items. One thing I really enjoy about this store (and is that you can leave reviews on the products you've tried, and read other people's reviews on other products as well.

One annoying thing about is that if you write a review, they tend to slightly modify your entry without permission. I find that slightly annoying (though they don't completely change your review, they just replace some words or take out that paragraph where you're babbling on and on about the product. hmph.)

So in conclusion, I will probably use for as long as it exists. GO DRUGSTORE.COM!
2 review
by Reviewer100439
on November 14, 2009
This is the third time has botched the charge information and stopped the order. This medication is for a serious chronic illness, and one cannot abruptly stop the meds. Worse, it's a standing order with automatic refills. I will stop using this company as soon as I can get a new prescription.
10 review
by Reviewer100445
on November 8, 2009
For the last 3 or 4 times I've tried to use the free shipping offer that has emailed to me, their system has removed the free shipping coupon at the very last stage of the checkout process. The free shipping appears in the cart and then disappears at the next step. If you order from them, watch the math - rescinding an offer at the last minute is duplicity at the extreme.
10 review
by Reviewer100504
on November 6, 2009
Very competitive prices, easy to use website, and best of all, they had what I was looking for, in stock, when many others did not.

Although they offered free shipping (for my purchase of over $49), I opted for the 3rd-day shipping for an additional $3.50. That turned out to be a good choice, as I received the shipment the next day!

Their communication was excellent, with emails sent for every stage of the transaction, including tracking information and links. also offers "points" for purchases that may be accumulated and redeemed as discounts on future purchases.

I have had no cause to use their customer service, so I can not comment on it.

Based on my experience, I recommend without reservation.
10 review
by Reviewer100462
on September 27, 2009
I was little skeptical ordering from as rating was low. However, it turn out very well. I ordered on Sunday and item arrived in Tuesday with Free shipping. I will definitely shop again in the future.
4 review
by Reviewer100483
on September 11, 2009
I decided to order from because I had a coupon for $10 off and was able to get free shipping on my $20 order by paying via Paypal. I placed the order on the night of 11/6, a Tuesday. I checked the order status the next day and they said that it was shipped via USPS Mail. It wasn't until 11/19 (Monday) when I received my order. On the box though it says it was actually shipped 11/9 so they lied about it.

As you can see from my review history, I make a lot of orders online. I have gotten free shipping from many companies but this is among the worst service I have ever had. They lied about the shipping it on 11/7, never e-mailed me about it and it took 8 business days to get here. They must've shipped it via parcel post or media mail since it took so long. It actually probably would've been cheaper for them AND faster if they just packed it in a padded envelope and shipped it first class instead of putting a 1/4" thick product in a huge box.

I probably won't order from here again unless I have to, I just hope they don't give such slow service to people who order prescription medicine.
8 review
by Reviewer100469
on September 2, 2009
I had not checked resellerratings before making two orders from After reading the reviews I was quite worried and decided to cancel hours after my order. Canceling was troublesome; it took at least an hour for them to send an automated email stating that I couldn't cancel. I had to call in to cancel but I could only cancel one order, the other one was already sent for shipping. Wow that's fast for a Friday evening, processed, packed, and ready to ship...but UPS doesn't process shipping on weekends, and what's so hard about cancelling a processed order?...huh, oh well.

They said I could send the items back in for a refund, but the whole reason for canceling was so I wouldn't risk dealing with missing items, shoddy packaging, or receiving the order weeks later like in some of the other reviews.

But the cons end there, the package shipped Monday morning, June 30th, and was scheduled to arrive on July 3rd, but UPS was delayed and it came the following Monday (not's fault.)

Packaging wasn't the greatest but all my items were there and were fine, and the price I got them for was a bargain. At least I can say I might do business with them again.
10 review
by Reviewer100436
on August 26, 2009
Ordered a sonic toothbrush, with free shipping and $5 coupon code. Arrived in a few days as ordered.
4 review
by Reviewer100461
on August 25, 2009
I ordered a couple items on November 12, 2008. One item, an Electric Shaver, didn't work - so I started the process of returning the item. On December 4, 2008, I received an email saying my item is in the process of being returned - and that I could check the status on-line. I checked on the status a couple of times, the latest around January 2, 2009 - but still no resolution!
If and when I receive some kind of resolution, I'll update this review.
Update: Around January 5th I sent an email inquiring as to the status of my return, as it had been 'in process' for about a month. Within two days the company informed me they were issuing a credit for the returned item. My account was credited a few days later. This ended OK, but it took some time.
2 review
by Reviewer100446
on August 23, 2009
Rx was lost at the post office. I called USPS to reschedule, but it never arrived. After two weeks I called to cancel order, but was told they would not refund the order-only reship! Terrible customer service! I called 5 times to explain that I could not pick up rx due to post office mishandling and needed the medication asap.
Do not order RX's here-it is not worth the time & stress!
10 review
by Reviewer100515
on August 20, 2009
I purchased Certain-Dri (an antiperspirant that I love "mini plug") about a year ago and since I just recently purchased it again from I figured I might as well give them a review as they have garnered my thumbs up.

I first gave them a go a year ago because they seemed like one of the more reputable online drugstores after not being able to find Certain Dri in local stores. They have a smooth ordering system and provide you with an email upon ordering and an email upon shipping as expected nowadays.

The prices are very good, however I think they tend to overprice in shipping as the shipping costs seemed to be as much as the product itself, upon a second look the shipping was 20 cents more than the product. Guess I have to pay for my thrills. The product lasts about 6 months so I can live with it but make note to check shipping on possible purchases.

Also another minor gripe that while the product was well shipped and arrived in decent time, their tracking number provided never worked for me. Whenever I went to click the tracking number or went to the USPS website and entered the number in manually it would just give me an error that the number doesn't exist...

One final thing is that they instantly put you on their mailing list (email) so expect emails showing your past purchases and be prepared to find out how to cancel them if you don't like email advertisements. It was fine with me because I liked to be able to instantly go to the store, load the cart and be ready for checkout of the only item I buy from them.

Overall a good experience, a few flaws, and high shipping costs, but no major problems.
10 review
by Reviewer100516
on August 7, 2009
Ordered Nioxin active cleansers and sclap theraphy shampoo. Prices were better than other sites. Opted for ground shipping. Products arrived in time. But one of them was not what I had ordered. Called them and informed about the wrong shipment. The apologized for the error and sent me the correct product in 2 days. Thats excellent !!!
10 review
by Reviewer100441
on August 2, 2009
I've ordered from 4 times now, and overall have had good experiences. Only thing is with their sale items, sometimes it can be confusing due to their website layout. I hope this aspect can be improved in the future.
10 review
by Reviewer100518
on July 22, 2009
Site is easy to use, fast, efficient service, good sale prices.
10 review
by Reviewer100435
on July 11, 2009
drugstore is good site and I love it very much. It often offers lots of discount. I also log in to get 6% shopping back rewards. I can get these rewards via Paypal :)
10 review
by Reviewer100450
on July 7, 2009
This was my first experience with this store and it turned out great. They already had the cheapest price I could find for Frontline Plus, plus they had an additional $20 discount bringing the total down to a true bargain. Throw in free shipping and it was a steal!

I placed my order on Thurday night and it arrived Tuesday morning. Not bad at all considering it was the 4th of July holiday weekend. They also threw in some free dog biscuits and a sample of dog shampoo. I also noticed they have a great program where you earn store credit on every purchase. On my small $50 order I earned $2.50 in drugstore dollars! I definitely plan on making future purchases from here.
2 review
by Reviewer100456
on July 1, 2009
I won't do any more orders here... I've done many, and while they lure you into spending a bit more to get that free shipping, it takes forever for them to ship. Not convenient when you're running low on drugstore items. Then, within hours of placing your order, they make sure that you cannot cancel it because it is "processing". My most recent order has been "processing" for a week now and STILL has not shipped but can't be canceled. Go figure.
2 review
by Reviewer100473
on June 20, 2009
Horrible Customer Service through email. I ordered two items in two separate orders on may 4. Early the next day, May 5, I tried to cancel one the orders and received an email back stating the order was already prepared for shipping and could not be cancelled. I received one of items in 4 days but the not the item I had tried to cancel. I gave it 10 days and emailed customer service telling them I hadn't received the item. I received a response back stating the item hadn't shipped until May 9, and to allow 10 days from that date. So they lied about the ship date so they could refuse to cancel the order! I allowed until May 23, still no item received. I emailed customer service again, and the response was sorry, we will refund you the $5.99 shipping that you paid so you could mail back the item to them. How can I mail back an item I have NEVER received? I have since logged a case with paypal against for fraud. I will see what response I get from that.
10 review
by Reviewer100520
on June 17, 2009
Ordered a shaver and aerosol cleaner spray on Sunday evening. It arrive the following Wednesday at 4:30 pm. Amazing -- and free shipping with discount for new customer. Good search function on website.
10 review
by Reviewer100490
on June 7, 2009
I have been a customer for three years. I have placed four orders for myself and one order as a gift in the past three months. I have nothing but good things to say about my shopping, billing, and shipping experiences with this company. The product selection is terrific, the navigation of the website is easy, prices are generally good, and I love the customer reviews. I have received all of my shipping confirmations within just a few hours of placing my orders (when ordering during the business day). I've gotten free shipping on everything, which usually takes 3-4 business days by UPS ground, and comes well-packaged. All of my orders have been complete without problems. I can't vouch for the customer service, as I've never needed to call them! I highly recommend
2 review
by Reviewer100506
on May 21, 2009
Can't cancel an order (shows as "processed" days before it ships). Show 'free shipping' all over, then nail you with shipping charges on some items. Customer Service responses are slow and lacking useful content.
2 review
by Reviewer100442
on May 19, 2009
It is now February 10, 2010 and I have not received my order, nor have I received a response to my THREE requests for status. You either have something wrong with your website, or your customer service person is not doing their job.
10 review
by Reviewer100497
on May 12, 2009

i bought vitamins and other healthy supplies on twice, their price are good, delivery is very quick, and products are all in very good condition!!

I highly recommend this store to everyone!
8 review
by Reviewer100487
on May 12, 2009
Great transaction and fast FREE shipping (over $25 to qualify). Emails were quick and items arrived within the next week.
10 review
by Reviewer100514
on May 1, 2009
Great site. Easy ordering and fast shipping. Only wish that they carried a larger selection of men's products. Otherwise beats the prices in most B&M stores.
10 review
by Reviewer100480
on April 10, 2009
I am absolutely amazed with's shipping. I ordered three weather stations, six bottles of Jergens liquid hand soap, and one Elizabeth Arden mascara. The soft soap had been packaged with plastic wrapping over it to ensure it did not leak onto the other things in the box. I give high praise for excellence in packaging and, believe it or not, I RECEIVED MY ORDER THE NEXT DAY. I placed my order on November 28, 2007, about 9:30 a.m. and I received my package from on November 29, 2007, about 2:00 in the afternoon. Absolutely astounding! Thank you, You're my online drugstore for over-the-counter products for life!
10 review
by Reviewer100505
on April 8, 2009
Very pleased with their service. There was a nice sale on a product I had trouble finding in local stores, so I ordered a bunch. The minimum order to avoid shipping costs was $25, so I also had an impulse buy to push me over the limit. They have a nice feature that tells you how much more you need to buy before your shipping is free.

The shipment arrived 7 days after I pressed the "confirm order" button, and was complete.

Also, has a fairly complete selection of items. If I have need of something they sell in the future, I will certainly consider ordering from them again.
10 review
by Reviewer100509
on April 8, 2009
GREAT Prices, fast shipping. Free shipping on most items. (even on USPS!!)

But, what makes this store great, they are an official GNC vender. So, they accept the GNC gold card. I usualy save 50% over in store, GNC prices!
10 review
by Reviewer100572
on April 7, 2009
I routinely get about 3 prescriptions a month and I thought they all cost the same price due to some industry regulation--what I didn't realize is that isn't true at all. It seems very unusual to me that pharmaceutical drugs that saves lives varies so much by price and it is all the same exact drug. This online store is saving me about 50 dollars a month and now I don't even have to go to CVS every month for refills.
2 review
by Reviewer100488
on April 6, 2009
Do NOT believe their estimated shipping time for the economy $2.99 shipping. Supposed to be here June 8-12, USPS tells me today it may arrive anytime up till June 29!! They should be shipping USPS Priority Mail. Ship their cheap way and expect your package to take up to a month to arrive!
10 review
by Reviewer100464
on March 24, 2009
I had no problems at all with this website. I have ordered a few times from them and other similiar sites as well. The only thing I disagree is there prices keep changing all the time to more money. Somtimes they charge tax and sometimes they don't. Depends if your gonna get free shipping or not? I feel this store is good for items you don't want to buy in the regular store or can't find them.
10 review
by Reviewer100438
on March 10, 2009
I just received the BEST customer service from I had placed a large order: about 8 items, with Qty 1-8 on each item. The large box arrived quickly with all items in pristine condition - but, for an item that I had ordered in Qty 8, there were only 6 in the box. I wrote an email to explaining the order fulfilment ommision, and, the next day, I received an email from customer service offering a credible apology for the item omission, and letting me know that they are sending the two omitted items that day with expedited shipping.

From other vendors (not, I've been asked to ship back the entire order that was sent to me, and, after they got it and verified it, then it would be fulfilled again correctly. And, then, when I complained about having to ship back what I received, only then was I was offered a refund for the missing items.

I like the solution SO much better.
a) convenient - I don't have to do anything.
b) satisfactory - an apology with immediate resolution: they are shipping the missing
items, expedited and at their expense.
c) fast - quick response and quick shipping. They didn't have to use expedited shipping, since I already have six of the eight items (which will last me for a long time). But, they went the extra step and expedited the shipping to minimize my inconvenience.

I rarely find online vendor customer service this fast, satisfying and convenient.
2 review
by Reviewer100496
on March 9, 2009
Failed to fulfill entire order. Tried to charge more for sale items. Customer service is rude and unaccomodating. Just excuse after excuse after excuse. No reason to deal with this Mickey Mouse operation when there are so many reliable competitors.
2 review
by Reviewer100433
on March 4, 2009
This is one of the worst companies I have ever dealt with online or otherwise. They do not follow their own procedures, they lie and they take advantage of people. Their web site does not work properly and will submit orders whether you want it to or not, and then they hide behind the well we can't take it back once it ships mentality leaving the customer with no recourse. Their customer service is a joke, please do business elsewhere unless you enjoy helping large corporations do nothing more than make money. They have no interest in actually helping their customers.
10 review
by Reviewer100502
on March 4, 2009
Another tale of super-fast shipping.

I placed my first order on Tuesday, and even with the free "standard" shipping, my items arrived on Thursday.

Very pleased. Will use again.

Note: I live in NYC; order shipped from NJ.
8 review
by Reviewer100463
on March 3, 2009
Fast shipping, items exactly as described. I found many coupons online. Recommended
10 review
by Reviewer100500
on February 6, 2009
Highly recommended retailer. Outstanding customer support even when the USPS screwed up shipping. Customer service was outstanding. Thanks
4 review
by Reviewer100493
on January 9, 2009
Pros:Good prices, rewards earned, large selection. Cons:really spotty customer service, plus shipping is slow. I have placed 3 orders with this company and had problems with 2 of them. does offer free shipping on a lot of items, but charges when you go over a certain weight. So while I was placing my first order ( a large one), I carefully kept it under the maximum weight but ended up being charged for shipping. I brought it to the attention of customer service--they said they would refund the shipping cost after the actual shipment was sent. 2 weeks later, no refund, but c.s. was very apologetic and gave an extra $5 plus the refund when I contacted them again. 2nd order, no problem whatsoever. 3rd order, they sent a wrong item (particularly frustrating because it was the item I really needed). No response to my first e-mail notifying them of the problem after 4 days. I sent them another e-mail last night but haven't heard anything yet.Update: I did get my refund and a return label for the product. Overall, I would use this merchant again only if it was the only way to get a specific product.
4 review
by Reviewer100437
on December 4, 2008
I purchased rechargable batteries and a charger from They were both listed as "in-stock" when I purchased them, but two days later only the batteries have shipped. I called to check on the status of the charger, and was told it is out of stock and will be shipped in two weeks. They did offer me a $5 credit on my next order, but I doubt I'll be buying from them again. On the plus side, customer service answered the phone quickly and was very friendly and apologetic.
4 review
by Reviewer100434
on November 21, 2008
Cancelled an international order without any explanation.
First, they wanted me to call them about my billing information and during a conversation girl said she's gonna confirm order. Five minutes later I get "Authorization Failed" email. Also, fedex international fare is ridiculously high, they wanted over $70 for a smallest package.
10 review
by Reviewer100476
on November 12, 2008
These guys had the best price for Philips/Norelco 8140 XL shaver. Online order was rejected the 1st time, but went ok when I retried the next day. The shippping was prompt. The shaver had a defective plastic cap that usually sits on the head to protect it. But I called up NorelcoUSA and eventually got the plastic thing shipped for free. No big deal! Overall good experience
8 review
by Reviewer100472
on November 10, 2008
They still have great service for shipping,but the prices went up much more then other online drugstores. I can get the same items at Walgreens for less and save on shipping charges. Somethings are easier to buyonline,but at least give shipping when you order a few items and they equal to $30.00
10 review
by Reviewer100453
on September 27, 2008
I ordered Water Pik Ultra from this store. Price was lowest I could find on the web. Cheaper by $1 from Amazon and $5-10 from stores like Welgreens, sears, target, etc. Package arrived in a week. Free shipping/No Tax. Well packed. Couldn't be happier.
2 review
by Reviewer100475
on September 22, 2008
I ordered 6 items as a first time customer, but I only got 5 of them when my shipment arrived, even though the invoice in the package claimed that everything was shipped. I guess that the cost of the missing item pays for the free shipping that I received as a first time customer. If they can't figure out how to put 6 simple items in a box and send them without screwing up, I won't be ordering anything from these morons ever again!
2 review
by Reviewer100498
on September 3, 2008
Beware! I placed an order on the 20th only to get an email on the 23rd that there was a problem with my order and I had to call in. When I called in they said that they had accidently sent my order to the wrong person who called and let them know. When i called in I was asked if I want to complete the order or cancel it. I had ordered personal items and I do not like the idea that someone knows what I ordered and now has my address. They offered nothing more than an apology for the inconvencience. I will never use them again.
10 review
by Reviewer100430
on August 27, 2008
I shop at every few months. Their prescription prices are cheaper than local pharmacies, but my purchases are non-prescription items and I have been very please with their selections and customer service. They really try to take care of the customer. Their standard shipping can be slow, depending where you live. All orders ship from I believe NJ, so ground will arrive next business day if you are in that region, but can take a week to arrive in CA.
10 review
by Reviewer100444
on August 17, 2008
I've ordered from them many times. Only complaint is lack of padding when shipping. I recently ordered three bottles of something and there was no padding so 2 bottles were cracked and leaking when they got here. May have had something to do with the sub freezing temperatures here. But otherwise, prompt shipping and a great website.
8 review
by Reviewer100507
on July 21, 2008
Order placed through Dr. Weil's MarketPlace, everything came as ordered and on time.

Received order confirmation email and shipment confirmation email with tracking number.

Would use again.

Edit -- twice I've ordered a product containing fish oil, and received bottles with at least one broken capsule, apparently because they didn't put cotton batting in the top of the bottle. They offered to replace the order for free, which is good service, but I'd rather not have this happen every time I order that product! Still a mostly satisfied customer.
10 review
by Reviewer100517
on July 8, 2008
Prices are generally better than anywhere and the shipping is probably faster than any other store that sells anything. I ordered on Monday at 6pm and got confirmation on Tuesday that it had shipped and it is out for delivery on Wednesday.
I use them to buy diapers and save a couple of bucks on each order and when UPS lost an case they gave no grief at all and sent another case out immediately. Highly recommended.
10 review
by Reviewer100519
on June 21, 2008
I have ordered from them many times great website, prompt shipping, good prices all in all a class act.

On one occasion UPS delivered the order to the wrong house, the driver acknowledged it immediately when I called looking for the package (the same day). He returned to the house where he left it but of course they would not admit to having the order. Anyway I called Drugstore and they rushed me out a replacement at no charge even thou it was not they mistake.

One word of caution although their website states that they share info with GNC I renewed my Gold card at the local GNC store and nine months later after repeated calls it still shows expired on their site. I have to call each time and have them reset it to use the card.
8 review
by Reviewer100523
on June 20, 2008
Only had all the things I was looking for. The shipment of the items was quick, and I will be re-ordering from them the next time I need the same items.
2 review
by Reviewer100466
on April 22, 2008
This store is the worst I have experienced in online shopping in my life! Their warehouse distribution center has a bunch of idiots working there who cannot process orders. I ordered on a sat. I was told 24-48 hrs of proc. time. Latest shipment would have been Tuesday and it didn't ship until Thursday. I even called Wed. and asked for cancellation of order. Despite that it shipped out today. In the meantime I ordered the product from another site...which means I am going to end up with 2 of the same. I had paid for 2-day shipping which means I expected the product on thursday and now will likely end up getting next mon or tues! They told me since they didn't fulfill their obligation of 2 day as I didn;t get it by Thurs they would credit me shipping handling. That hasnt happened. These guys are seriously shitty in their business dealings! This is my first and last experience. Moreover, their return policy is a sham.
8 review
by Reviewer100482
on April 4, 2008
I have placed orders with for a couple of years without incident. However, I just got a prescription cancellation notice and they have no hard-copy of the prescription in my file. I waited on hold to talk to a pharmacist for over 10 minutes until the customer service rep gave up and put through a request to have it mailed back to me. He said I could call back in a week if I don't receive anything. I guess it's back to the corner CVS for me.
2 review
by Reviewer100479
on March 9, 2008
Well, what can I say. went from a top performer to a real bottom dweller over the Christmas 2007 holiday season.

I placed my order on Dec. 12th, which included several items that were gifts for the Christmas holiday. Ordering online on Dec. 12th should have allowed plenty of time for shipping of the order with standard shipping. I had ordered before and had packages arrive in only 5 business days using standard shipping.

This year I had to call about my package after it was still in "Processing" status after 5 business days. I was told my order was packed and ready to ship and should ship that night, or the next day without any problem, and was assured that I would recieve my package by Christmas. A few days passed (now the 21st of December) and I called again that morning. I was told again my order should be on it's way, but there was no way to expedite the shipping at this point in the order process. I also had used the e-mail order support system. Finally on the 21st, I recieved an e-mail from a customer service associate that my order had been shipped, and they had used UPS overnight service to ensure I recieved my package by Christmas eve.

Christmas eve (and day) came and went. The next few days also came and went. My order finally showed that it has shipped the day after Christmas (with one item left off due to back order). I assumed that meant it was shipped express and should arrive the next day. It did not. Finally when it arrived today (29th) I found that the box showed 2 day express UPS shipping, but wasn't shipped until the 28th. Surprise Surprise... I had been lied to over and over by customer service.

Hey - WAKE UP!!! Don't bite off more than you can chew. Hire appropriate numbers of pickers, packers and shippers during the holiday season. Also, have the decency to admit that you can't handle the volume, and compensate your customers, and quit lying to them.
2 review
by Reviewer100468
on February 23, 2008
Absolutely horrendous service. I placed an order on 7-08 I called customer service on 7-14 to find out why the order had not yet been shipped, I was on hold twice for nearly 20 minutes, I was told they could not get a hold of the vendor to find out what was going on. The customer rep was going to call as soon as she heard from the vendor. 4 hours went by I did not hear from the rep so I called again and the new rep said they were unable to contact the vendor. I told her I wanted to cancel my order and I did not want to be charged for the merchandise. She told me the order would be cancelled and I would not be charged. An hour later my account was charged and I recieved an email that the merchandise was being shipped. Horrible service.... Do not buy from businesses like this.
2 review
by Reviewer100501
on February 22, 2008
In my experience this company has anything but fast shipping and I'm wondering IF I'll even get what I paid for.
I ordered on the 4th and did not get the shipment confirmation email until the 7th. I call customer service and they explain that the order wasn't actually "shipped" but instead simply left their distribution center. (huh? this sounds alot like crap) Never the less, they charged my credit card on the 7th BEFORE they shipped anything. It's also no surprise that the USPS confirmation number they referenced in the same email resulted in ZERO information from the US Postal Service website. Now it's the 16th, still no package, no USPS information and tells me I have to wait till the 21st before they will issue a reorder or allow me to cancel. Another thing thats annoying is their deliberate refusal to publish a Customer Service phone number (or any number for that matter) on their website...every other drugstore I've dealt with lists their phone number so why can't they? I finally had to call their corporate office to get the number. I don't know if my package will show up or not but I do know that I'll never again deal with a company that charges my credit card before they ship the merchandise.
8 review
by Reviewer100521
on February 19, 2008
I have placed a couple orders at in the past and have been satisfied with my purchases. They have better prices than my local drugstore and shipping prices are decent. They also carry some hard to find items. Their website has some nice features such as remembering previously ordered items, keeping pharmacy records, easy to earn free shipping, and tracks your favorite items. I would order from them again.
10 review
by Reviewer100471
on February 2, 2008
order Pandigital 11-Inch LCD Digital Picture Frame and received as expected. brand new and good packaging. Open the frame . It works fine and no problems at all. Recommend this merchant. Will order again
10 review
by Reviewer100447
on January 31, 2008
I've been ordering from this company for years. Extremely reliable and in the case of mistakes they always act immediately to remedy it. Orders always come timely within a few days.
2 review
by Reviewer100481
on January 24, 2008
I received my package quickly, but inside was someone else's item and packing slip. The outside shipping label was indeed for me...everything inside the box was intended for another customer. Talk about secure ordering...I now had access to this person's name, address & purchase info!

I emailed to let them know I had another person's order shipped to me & was still awaiting my actual order. When I received no reply at the end of 2 days, I called the customer support number. I was told that they would not "re-ship" my actual order to me unless I provided them with a credit card number over the phone. I had orignally paid for my order via PayPal, since I found by following a link found on the PayPal website & PayPal was a payment option during checkout. I explained that I use PayPal because of their security features...I have a credit card on file there & am confirmed. I was told that my order would not be "re-shipped" unless I put a credit card on file with & the only other option available to me was a refund. I was told that I could place my order again once my funds were released back into my PayPal account. Needless to say, I chose the refund. The final kick in my already frustrated mouth was that I was instructed to print up a return mailing label from their website & mail the box I received back to them. Grrrrrr!!

I ordered, paid, received some other poor customer's package and personal info, had to take the time to contact in order to resolve the error, was told my order could only be "re-shipped" if I was willing to jump through another hoop by entrusting my credit card number with them (yeah, right!) & was then told I had to be inconvenienced further by trekking the wrong package back to the post office in order to mail it back to Geesh...all this work with no reward of receiving the item I actually ordered.

Thanks, I won't be gambling my money on a purchase with your company ever again!
8 review
by Reviewer100522
on January 21, 2008
I was provided an automated e-mail cofirmation of my order shortly after ordering. I recieved my package within 4 days. That was with standard shipping. Overall I am pleased. Will do business with agian.
2 review
by Reviewer100465
on January 17, 2008
Awful experience! Part of my order took 5 days to process, then they shipped it to some random address on the east coast (I live on the west coast). Customer service could not figure out why, then needed my credit card info to send me a free replacement. I cancelled the order and hopefully will get my money back. Other stores have comparable prices with much less hassle, will not be returning here.
10 review
by Reviewer100458
on December 31, 2007
I was able to find everything I needed and then some. I used a $10 off coupon when your cart exceeds $50. So I was able to get a few items for "free" basically.

I ordered late Christmas Day, so I wasn't expecting to hear of any shipment notification anytime soon. To my surprise, they sent me a shipment notification the next day. Wow!

My one regret was not with, but with UPS. My package was suppose to arrive the 30th of December. But they delayed it and it came almost a week later. On top of that, they didn't even ring my doorbell, even though it was 8PM! I'm getting sick and tired of UPS. I've had nothing but bad experience with them.

To sum up, handled everything perfectly. They packaged everything very well and I was able to get some extra money on my next purchase. I just wish they used another carrier, like FedEx or USPS. Nonetheless, I will still shop at Thanks again and keep up the great work.
2 review
by Reviewer100499
on November 15, 2007
I placed an order on 7/18/2006 with 2-days shipping. For 2 days shipping they charge extra $15.99.
Today is 7/21/2006 and my order status says “Processing” and it has not been shipped yet.
So I canceled the order but got respond back, that they can't cancel it, and not shipping it also. So I'm giving them rating they deserved.

Updated on 7/26/2006
Finally they canceled this order. All this cancellation process should have less headache.
10 review
by Reviewer100510
on October 29, 2007 is a great store. I found the product I was looking for at a reasonable price and free shipping. USPS ended up making a mistake with the shipping. was able to resend the order and do it with overnight shipping, free of charge. A great way to handle the situation.
2 review
by Reviewer100432
on September 29, 2007
I originally would have said that although their prices aren't great... And their offers are usually better for new customers than returning customers... They aren't too bad.. Until denying my latest purchase cash back offer.. Leaving the money I spent much higher than any other source for diapers.. I strong recommends others avoid them... They do not care about repeat customers, and spam your inbox constantly after purchase. You can find better deals elsewhere, with faster shipping times.. avoid them if at all possible..
6 review
by Reviewer100429
on September 26, 2007
When has something on sale, you can find some pretty good deals on everyday household items. When you add free shipping and the Bing cashback program on top of that, the deals can be terrific.

Bing cashback is ending in a month, and as a last hurrah, raised its Bing cashback to 25% on everything you order. This is terrific, except for one problem -- drops the Bing cashback from your order half the time!

If you use a coupon, or pay with PayPal, or use Google Checkout, or god knows what, they drop the Bing Cashback from your order. YOU AREN'T INFORMED OF THIS. It just never shows up in your Bing account. When you call to get credited, they tell you to send your order back, get a refund, then try placing your order again. HOW STUPID IS THAT?

I have made 3 recent purchases from using Bing cashback, and this was the first to actually get the credit.
10 review
by Reviewer100449
on September 24, 2007
I have always had great experiences with variety, fast free shipping, good prices, great customer service. A UPS shipment was recently lost and drugstore resent the shipment quickly with no hassle and no charge.
10 review
by Reviewer100452
on September 16, 2007
I've been shopping at for a long time and have always been very pleased with the communication surrounding my orders, the shipping speed, the free shipping for larger orders, and the ease of re-ordering. Their prices are decent and ordering is very easy, so I'll continue to use them. I've never had to deal with customer service though, so no opinions on that front.
10 review
by Reviewer100512
on September 16, 2007
I have ordered from them numerous times and have always been very satisfied with everything. Confirmation and delivery are always very reliable. Their customer service is great One order I accidently recieved a smaller size of a product, I notified them via email and they apologized and immediately sent out the proper sized product. I would definitely recommend doing business with them.
10 review
by Reviewer100503
on September 8, 2007
I've ordered from three times now and have been amazed every time. They must work 24/7 or something. For instance, I ordered some items at about 1am, just before bed. By the morning, when I got up I received an email that my items had been dispatched. The following day, they arrived. Also, like the previous reviewer I only opted for 3-day shipping and my items arrived the next day!!!

Amazing service! Beats any other online store I've used!

UPDATE: I've since used another 3 times. I'm located in New York and each time that I've ordered, I have chosen Standard Delivery. Each time the order has arrived the very next day. They remain the best online store I've ever dealt with and I've been buying online since at least 1997. Admittedly, I've never had any problems with the products I've ordered, so I've never had to contact customer service for any reason, but for pure order execution, they cannot be beaten.
10 review
by Reviewer100489
on August 29, 2007 had the best prices on the items I ordered, and they shipped them to me in less than 6 days. That's outstanding, considering I'm in Japan.

The 30-item order was missing one minor item. I emailed about it, and they were able to do a turnaround and get the item shipped out in less than a day. It was one of the more painless episodes I've ever had with any customer service department.

I will most definitely be buying from again. My experience was very positive, the prices were competitive, and the shipping was fast.
4 review
by Reviewer100495
on August 11, 2007
Terrible. Paid for 3 day select and order didn't even go out for three days, constantly emailed for status... told would upgrade to overnight, but didn't and didn't ship untill it was supposed to arrive. Cust svc was terrible. "Eve" was unapologetic and dismissive. Avoid this place and use sephora for beauty and walgreens for other!
8 review
by Reviewer100524
on August 8, 2007
great company to deal with. very easy to shop. quick and fast shipping, hope to business in the future.
10 review
by Reviewer100477
on July 29, 2007
Items were literally just thrown in the box. Two of them leaked all over everything else. One item was sent wrong thing entirely. No invoice or packing slip to be found. I've emailed them but I'm not holding my breath. Did receive in 2 days (paid for 3 day shipping) but that's only because of UPS.
10 review
by Reviewer100443
on July 27, 2007
Purchased a Waterpik from through Bing. Item shipped same day and I received Bing cashback two days later. Would buy from again.
10 review
by Reviewer100451
on June 19, 2007
I purchased the Braun 7781 Epilator from Drugstore.
The listed price was 129USD and I got a 20USD discount on that. Also since I shopped through Bing, I got a 10% cash back from Drugstore and hence the effective price of the product was 98USD.

The transaction was perfect, got free shipping via UPS. Got the tracking number the next day after I placed the order. Product arrived well packed and in perfect condition.

Had a great experience with Drugstore and I got it a lot cheaper (30% less) than the next best online option -Amazon.

I would highly recommend Drugstore as my experience was not even close to the negative reviews mentioned below.

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