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Online Pharmacies Reviews & Ratings & Scam Reports review 9 review - is a legitimate online pharmacy - has reviewed and determined that it meets standards for online pharmacy safety and legality. Reputable online pharmacy and reasonable range. Customer service is responsive, a good source for brand and generics medicines. has partnered with an international shipping solution to bring many of the top selling products in the united states to customers all over the world. one of the largest online drugstore and pharmacy. has been verified as a legitimate online pharmacy by

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Pharmacy description Your Tablets Online offers a huge selection of popular pills that you can buy. If you need to buy prescription pills online then you will be very impressed with the amount of products that we have to offer. offers a wide range of popular online medications. Buy online the prescription pills you need today.
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Definately the Best of the BEST
by David
on March 8, 2012
I just received my second order from your tablets online and they are the greatest. They have paid attention to details that prove to me that they really do care. In my first order, it was to include 4 free extra bonus pills of the same type of medication that I had ordered except they were flavored chewables. They could have put in the cheapest pills they had in that category but instead, the bonus pills they provided were more expensive selection than the ones I ordered. Not saying that this will happen if you order maybe these were the only ones they had at the time. They reminded me of the vitamins I used to take as a child. They worked fine, I just wasn't fond of the flavor. I ended up swallowing them with water like the regular pills. Maybe they would be good for someone on the go that didn't want to take time to use water ??

They have proven to me that they do deliver quality medications from genuine pharmaceutical manufacturers in India.

I have to say this company has earned my loyalty.
by Harry Morewood
on March 1, 2012
This company is the best! I ordered Sildenafil Citrate tablets from this company because the high cost of ED drugs my country offers was causing me to ask each week, "can I afford to make love to my wife this week?" I read some were that 50% of men that get a prescription for these never refill because of that reason. Well, something had to be done as I was tired of the depression and anxiety that the issue was causing me. I decided to check out this company and am glad I did. The pills work just as well as the name brand in my country and at a fraction of the price, I feel like I am the closest to feeling like a man that I have in years. They offer great bonus incentives as well. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
by Curtis
on February 29, 2012
I did much research before ordering with this company and even then I was not sure what to expect due to all the negative propaganda floating around on the internet. This company came through for me. The delivery time was faster than I expected. The products I ordered were of the highest quality and prices are great. I will not hesitate to order again.
10 review
by Reviewer100631
on April 21, 2010
Just received my order in about 8 days, product works great. I will continue to do business with you and tell my friends!
10 review
by Reviewer100643
on January 6, 2010
I have been buying meds from this company for years with no problem. they even keep my vet on file and contact him when i order something that needs a script Their prices cant be beat, as far as i can find
6 review
by Reviewer100630
on July 8, 2009
Slow delivery. Product is certainly questionable at best
by Reviewer100632
on March 20, 2009
I ordered from for the first time and i definitely will again.There customer service is great!I inquired about my package as i had the wrong zip code on my mailing address and their customer support helped me right away.They are very helpful and also when you have any questions,they email you right back with answers.I would recommend them highly as they deliver what they promise!
8 review
by Reviewer100629
on November 26, 2008
This is my first purchase and I am happy to say it won't be my last. Delivery was reasonable as I did not pick the fastest option. Planning is required but the product was as advertised and it worked. It is not the cheapest for the quality of the generic meds is satisfactory. I would recommend this site but do plan ahead for delivery.

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