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2 review
by Reviewer100538
on July 5, 2010
I ordered Philips Norelco razor 7310 on Thanksgiving. It was a deal because of the holiday. Several days later, they sent me an email and canceled my order and saying "it is out of stock". Actually, they raised the price and still selling it both on line and in store. If I knew the result, I could have bought it in other stores. Now I missed the deal time in other store. I wish that someone could give us fairness. I was cheated.
4 review
by Reviewer100543
on July 2, 2010
I never actually shopped at a drug store online before. I needed a certain product that wasnt sold at my local CVS. I gotta say I was disappointed in the time it took them to actually ship the product. Another wierd thing was that they only took PayPal. I probally would not shop at again because it took so long to ship. If your in a hurry and need something fast get in the car and drive.
2 review
by Reviewer100542
on June 12, 2010
Order was canceled when items were not in stock, even though check-out went fine. Advertised items, too.
2 review
by Reviewer100547
on April 12, 2010
I ordered an alarm clock on June 26, 2006 and never recieved it. I paid via PayPal and apparently Walgreens doesn't pick up their orders from their PayPal account. They said the only thing I could do is place another order. It has already been two weeks and PayPal assures me that the ball is in Walgreen's court. That if they ever pick up the order email, I will in fact be charged for the order (which was $159.00, so I don't want to be charged twice, obviously). Walgreens also wouldn't resolve this via email. They made me call their customer service only to end up being put on hold for 10 minutes and being told that I should have contacted them sooner since they don't show an order ever being placed. Nice, customer service. Needless to say, I won't be shopping with them again. I'd hate to have to ever return anything to them!
2 review
by Reviewer100551
on July 2, 2009
Out of stock item advertised on internet as if in stock.
Package damaged in shipment and returned to Walgreens, who did not notify me nor get back to me when I notified them.
10 review
by Reviewer100537
on May 6, 2009
I ordered " 4x6 Prints and 8x10 print" via online and i picked up next day. No problem found.
4 review
by Reviewer100541
on April 29, 2009
I like Walgreens B&M, but their online store is the worst. I placed an order, but did not get a confirmation email, so I went to check status on their site. When I clicked on the order status link on the account page, I got a message that a page cannot be found. Tried it on different browsers and got either an error or a blank page. When I emailed customer service, I got a reply that my order failed in their system and I must place it again. What does it even mean? I checked my credit card statement, and found that they did charge me $30 for the order. I emailed customer service about it, and they sent me a completely random reply about how they charge a $1 authorization fee when you update an account, but no real charge is made. Perhaps this was an automated reply, which means nobody even read my letter. At this point I was going to call, but the order was delivered. I am happy that I got it, but I am surely never placing another order on their site. And I still get an error when I try to check order status.
2 review
by Reviewer100546
on October 13, 2008
No conscience. I ordered 2 custom photo sweatrshirts and a toddler t-shirt in time for delivery as Christmas presents. I'm holding an emailed confirmation that the transaction was finished and the order taken. A week later, checking to see status of shipment, I found no record of the purchase and called customer service. I was told that there was a computer "glitch" on the day that I placed my orderr and that the transaction had beeen cancelled. And, oh, by the way, they were willing to refund my money. Hello, you cancelled the transaction and I have an "option" to be refunded. How about a make good. These were Christmas gifts that Walgreen's implicitly agreed to deliver, failed to deliver, and took no account that "trust" is what merchants sell. Excuse me. Got to go, I've got to go shopping to cover Walgreens error.
10 review
by Reviewer100549
on September 16, 2008
Purchased some trash bags. Great prices! Package arrived quickly and well packaged. I buy several items each month online and would certainly consider them again for my future purchases. Thank you!
10 review
by Reviewer100535
on August 28, 2008
This is regarding as Photo Department. I ordered over 100 photo prints (4x6). Both time they were shipped fast in a good packaging. I had no complains as far as their service and product. I previously ordered Poster size photos and it was very good quality prints. I used Paypal payment so that I didn't have to store my credit information on their website.
2 review
by Reviewer100550
on August 10, 2008
tryed to buy a simple pack of tobacco, sales girl was very rude and unprofessional , she wasted my time , bad custumer service always a huge line of people waiting for service
2 review
by Reviewer100536
on July 18, 2008
Don't bother trying to negotiate Walgreen's byzantine systems let alone their store level personal. Go somewhere else.

Prescriptions are seldom filled for the quantity requested. Three trips to satisfy the quantity I ordered is not uncommon, I've been up to five trips.

Walgreen's systems are a mess. 1), its not uncommon for me to enter an order on line, receive a confirmation for the qualtity ordered and get no results. Neither the store nor whoever answers the phone can find any evidence of an order entered. Showing them the confirmation is responded with a shrug. 2), its very common for me to order on-line, receive a phone call that the prescription is ready to be picked up and find the quantity is different that what I ordered. Store level personnel cannot view how many were ordered (bizarre as it sounds), so another shrug. 3), the quantities received differ between store level and the user's web account. The store knows how many pills were dispensed, I have no idea what the user history shows as its neither the quantity received nor the quantity ordered.
4 review
by Reviewer100540
on July 14, 2008
I like Walgreens B&M, but their online store is the worst. I placed an order, but did not get a confirmation email, so I went to check status on their site. When I clicked on the order status link on the account page, I got a message that a page cannot be found. Tried it on different browsers and got either an error or a blank page. When I emailed customer service, I got a reply that my order failed in their system and I must place it again. What does it even mean? I checked my credit card statement, and found that they did charge me $30 for the order. I emailed customer service about it, and they sent me a completely random reply about how they charge a $1 authorization fee when you update an account, but no real charge is made. Perhaps this was an automated reply, which means nobody even read my letter. At this point I was going to call, but the order was delivered. I am happy that I got it, but I am surely never placing another order on their site. And I still get an error when I try to check order status.
10 review
by Reviewer100548
on February 15, 2008
I've used many times and am satisfied with their service * but * this is a review of one of the products they sell (and I purchased), The Adjustable Shower Chair by COSCO.

This product is just an accident waiting to happen, as a matter of fact the chair tipped over twice while I was using it causing me to lose a tooth and smash my head on the bathtub.

This chair is poorly designed with the legs too close together making it highly unstable. I bought this seat to replace an aging one manufactured by RubberMaid which I also purchased at Wallgreens and was an excellent product.

Again, this is not a rebuke of Wallgreens but of the Cosco Product which I think is very dangerous for a person that needs assistance and should be re-called before someone really gets hurt.
2 review
by Reviewer100552
on December 6, 2007
Horrible Horrible Service. I ordered some diapers at that were on sale and in stock on December 1, 2004. I did not receive the order by the 10th so I called, and they assured me that they would ship in a week or two because they were out of stock. Nothing arrived by the 23rd, so I called again 877-250-5823, spoke with a gentleman named Graham, who politely told me my order was CANCELLED due to some kind of computer glitch. I was really mad because this is the first I heard of it, plus the lady I spoke with on the 10th assured me that I would get the shipment in 2 weeks max. Graham told me he would check on that, because I may be on the list of people who would have their order shipped(strange that they have lists of people who they ship to and to whom they don't). He said the person taking care of this left already(4pm Thursday the 23rd), but he took my number and said someone would call me on Friday 24th. Of course nobody ever called me back, so I waited and waited until Wednesday morning the following week. I called again and spoke with Tani ext 7719. She again informed me the order was cancelled and there was nothing she could do. She offered to ship 1/3 of my original order and wanted to charge me 3X the sale price on the remaining 2/3 of the order, to which I said no thanks. I took the consumer relation address to Walgreens and I'm going to write some letters because I think this is BS. They don't ship anything, don't inform me of the cancellation for 3 weeks, they don't call me back when promised and they try to overcharge me when I call to find out about the shipment. I'm VERY DISAPPOINTED with my dealings with and I doubt I will ever order again. Their customer service while polite does nothing for you to try to keep you as a customer. I guess after you get to be a big company you can crap all over your clients and get away with it. I would not deal with this company ever again.
2 review
by Reviewer100545
on September 9, 2007
This is one of the worst experiences I have ever had with any online store.

I ordered an exercise bike from Walgreens, because the price w/shipping was good and it was a large national chain. I mistakingly thought that the fact that Walgreens is a large national chain protected me from fraud. I was dead wrong.

After my credit card was charged, I received no emails confirming my purchase; however, three weeks after placing my order I did receive email notification that my order had been shipped. When it arrived, they had shipped me an exercise bike that is considerably less expensive than what I placed an order for and, worse, it had previously been opened.

Here is where the story turns ugly. I called "customer support" and got somebody with a strong East Indian accent who told me that there was nothing that she could do to correct the error, though, she would send an email to an "order support specialist" who would call me back within 3 days. Obviously, I told her that I had heard this type of story before and I wanted to speak to somebody who could arrange for the excercise bike to be picked up and the correct bike shipped. Once again, she told me that she could NOT help me (this is "customer support," mind you). I asked for a direct number to the "Order support specialist," but she refused to give it to me. Well, you guessed it, nobody called back.

One week later I called customer support, again. This time I got a woman with a pleasant Southern US accent (who I could easily understand). She told me that she could not find anything in the computer showing that I had ever called with a problem! She took down my information (I gave my home number, work number and cell phone number) and told me, once again, that customer service could provide me with NO SERVICE. I had to wait until I was contacted by an "Order support specialist." She would not give me a direct number to one of these specialists. That conversation was was 10 days ago and I still have not heard from any "Order support specialist."

So here is where I stand: I paid a lot of money for a product, from Walgreens, for which they shipped me a PRE-OPENED, considerably less expensive product. Their customer support (for which you will wait on hold for an excessive amount of time) will tell you that THEY CAN DO NOTHING TO HELP YOU. They will NOT give you an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization), they will NOT do ANYTHING for you. They WILL tell you that somebody "will call you back"... and nobody ever will call you back. How convenient.

I am currently considering my options (including small claims court). If you read this and still order from these guys (who are either ripoff artists, incompetent, or both) then I will feel no sympathy when you are parted from your hard earned cash and get nothing from Walgreens to show for it. Take my friendly advice...steer clear of Walgreens online!

February 3, 2007 Update:

I was finally contacted by an "order specialist" named Ryan, near the end of January (mind you, I placed my original order on Dec. 11, 2006). Ryan told me that Walgreens contracts out to suppliers and that they have had problems with some of these suppliers. He made arrangements for the incorrect product to be picked up by UPS (which it was) and the correct product (an exercise bike) to be delivered (which it was, on Feb 2, 2007). Ryan also sent me a $25 Walgreens gift card (good only at Walgreens).

While the assistance I finally received, from Ryan, is mitigating it does not excuse the fact that I was initially sent an open product of substantially less value than that which I paid for. Even worse, the fact that customer support cannot help the customer and that I had to wait many weeks just to hear back from a Walgreens representative who could correct the situation, is totally unacceptable.

I told the Walgreens "Order Specialist" (Ryan) that Walgreens has an abysmal customer service system and apparently very poor quality control. He agreed.

As for myself, I will never order anything from Walgreens "online" again. Having read my saga...what will you do???
2 review
by Reviewer100539
on August 5, 2007
This used to be decent company to order from. I placed many orders online with them during 2003 -2005 and all went as expected.

With all the whining I am hearing now about how bad the economy is, I would think that American companies at least would be moderately interested in providing mediocre customer service. But my recent transaction with seems to indicate otherwise. A whois of now comes back to the dominican republic: so I guess its not an American company after all? In any event, read the following ripoff account and don't buy here.

I ordered four items on Dec 24 2008 from Order Number: 273700579. A package arrived Jan 1st and I found that they shipped only four out of five items, but the invoice indicated they had shipped all five. I immediately contacted them (Jan 2 2009) and sent a digital image of the package contents and the invoice. Walgreens support responded the following day and said they "would have to investigate further". A week passed and I heard nothing. I contacted them again Jan 10 2009 and notified them that I would be filing a credit card chargeback along with assorted consumer complaints about their unethical business practices. The following Monday ( 13 days later) I received an email from Walgreens support saying my missing 5th item was shipped and I would receive it shortly.

Four weeks have now passed. I made every reasonable attempt to work this out with They are ignoring my emails and have in fact stolen cash money from me at this point as they never sent the items I paid for out of my bank account. I am a legally blind American citizen. I live on social security disability. This money was in fact stolen from the American taxpayer. I want a refund and I want an acknowledgement that never filled my order and attempted to defraud me.

I guess it is a lot easier to steal 20% off the top then to make an honest 5% doing an honest job, eh?
2 review
by Reviewer100544
on June 2, 2007
I purchased several items online from them including, several bars of expensive individually boxed soap, a large bottle of shampoo, a shaving gel, and some athletes foot medication(more than you wanted to know:). When the box arrived it looked like the contents had been rummaged through and were everywhere which I blame entirely on very extremely poor packing. Soap was everywhere and very few were in the original box. They also actually completely left out a bottle of shaving gel I ordered. I was actually was almost so stunned at how ridiculous this was I was amused by the whole thing. I contacted them right after via e-mail about the missing shaving gel and they said they could not help unless I called customer service on the phone. I find this unacceptable for several reasons as you might imagine and if you take online orders you should be able to resolve customer disputes and issues online. Not happy!

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