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Online Pharmacy for Prescription Drugs - CVS Pharmacy Drug Store
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Pharmacy description CVS Online Pharmacy provides you with access to prescription drugs, health information and medical care from a pharmacy and drug store brand name you know and trust.
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by M Jackson
on November 12, 2012
The CVS Pharmacy located at 2720 Metropolitan Avenue in Atlanta GA is my favorite drugstore. I have tried different locations in order to fill my prescriptions. They always have my medicine and they are always well stocked. The store is clean and always have plenty of sale items. I had the opportunity to talk to Ms Sabrina Sanders in the pharmacy department. She help me with my prescription. She filled it in 5 minutes. She is professional, kind, smart and very nice. I hope they keep her at this location as an upcoming pharmacist.
4 review
by Reviewer100460
on April 24, 2009
This store is so unprofessional it is funny. My doctor called in a refill for me on tue and i went to pick it up on wed. They lost it and could not find it so they called my doctor and got a new refill and i told them i would be back on friday to get it as i was out of town on thursday.
I go in friday and guess what it was lost again so they called my doctor again. Told them i would be back sat to get it so i wouldnt have to wait. Well sat comes and i call them to make sure its ready and lo and behold they lost it again so i call my doctor and he calls them and i call them back and now they say they will have it ready. As i write this i figure i will go in and they will have lost it again so no more cvs for me they didnt even say sorry for what they did. Crapiest place around is what i say.
6 review
by Reviewer100459
on October 10, 2008
I usually go to the brick and mortar CVS pharmacy nearby and never had a problem with them. But I finally got persuaded by a $10 off coupon to place a $50 order with their online store. Not so good...

Although there was nothing I needed immediately from this order, there were several things I would have liked to have within 5 business days. The order says delivery by UPS may take 5 to ten business days.

So when 4 days went by without a ship date, I called their friendly c/s person. They were very relaxed and nice and told me that my package should be delivered somewhere in the 10 day window. I told them I thought their process was a little too relaxed for an Internet operation and I felt it should have been shipped within 2 days, maybe 3, but not 4!

I don't have this order yet but there are still about 3 days left in the 10 day maximum delivery time.

I will say my main complaint is that my expectations were not met and they have a very relaxed, layed-down attitude about their business. I won't order anything online again but I will still go to their store. I have been spoiled by Amazon, Zappos, Holabird Sports, and other excellent outfitters that get the product out the door in 24 hours and somethimes, in Zappo's case, have it on my doorstep the next day.
4 review
by Reviewer100566
on July 31, 2008
Poor Customer Service - I recentely moved to the Toulminville area, I thought it was perfect having a pharmacy so close to my home. I went to the CVS drug store to have my first perscription filled on Tuesday, January 20, 2009 around 4:00p.m. The medications that I needed was for my asthma, the tech asked me if I was coming back to pick up my medication. I told yes I could come back because I didn't live far from the store. I returned to the store about 8:00p.m. that evening. They told me that my asthma prescription could not be filled because it needed a prior authorization from my insurance. I phoned my doctor's office the next morning to let them know that I need authorization to get my medication filled. The authorization was faxed to CVS the next morning by my doctor on Wednesday, Januay 21. I returned to the CVS store on Friday, Jan. 22, to pick up my medications. The clerk that was working that day was a older lady that had to lean all over the counters and medicine baskets just to get around. My medicine was not ready nor did they call me or my doctor to let us know what was going on with my medicine. The clerk asked the pharmacy to look up my file. While I was waiting for an answer from the pharmacist, the phone began to ring the clerk answered the phone "Hello" like she was at home, one of the other customers looked at me and we shook our head. One of the female techs was holding a very unprofessional conversation with a male customer that everyone could hear. The pharmacist finally gave the clerk a piece of paper concerning my asthma medication. She stated that my insurance would not cover that medicine but there were three other medications they would cover with piror authorization. I asked her when was someone going to call me or my doctor to let us know this. I explained to her that I have asthma and I had gone 4 days now without my medicine. I explained to her that some people really need their medicine and what if it was a life or death situation. I told her that this type of service did not make any sense at all, there was no consideration for the customer when there is need for their medications. I have been to several other CVS drug stores and I have never seen this type of service before. I will not use this store again and I will not recommend this store to anyone. There is no concern for the customer , no customer care and no respect. I am not the only customer complaning there are others that are complaing also. I hope someone will please hear the cry of the people that use this store , help is needed soon as possible. This is the only drug store in the Toulminville area and a lot of people depends on this store for their medicine.
6 review
by Reviewer100567
on September 14, 2007
my daughters prescription was giving to someone else.The pharmacy asked her to wait because her prescription was given to the lady two cars ahead of her and they called the lady to come back to the store.She did and the pharmacy then gave the prescription to my daughter . The pharmacy stated they were sure it was okay.My daughter no longer shops cvs/pharmacy. Wal-greens got her ,my mother,roommate and my business.

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