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1800PetMeds - America's Pet Medication & Pet Supplies Pharmacy
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Pharmacy description 1800PetMeds is your online pet store offering discount prices on pet supplies, medications, products, vitamins and supplements for your pet. Discount Prices on Pet Supplies, Frontline Plus, Advantage, Heartgard Plus, Sentinel, Interceptor, and more.
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Change in Price Match Plan!
by Monica
on May 4, 2012
I've used 1-800-pet-meds for 3 years now and I have had no complaints. In fact, I've often recommended them to other pet owners. Their service is fast and friendly, and they offer good quality products.

I'm a big fan of their price matching abilities and it has saved me a lot of money over the years. Today I called to refill my Fronline and dog food order, and I used the same websites to price match as I have done before ( and I was told that any price matching NOW has to come from VIPPS certified (Verified Internet Pharmacy Practice Sites) ONLY. I asked, "Even if I'm just ordering dog food?" (yes). I looked up these VIPPS websites and there are only 18! Good luck trying to find a deal this way... My suggestion to you: Shop around and compare store prices and non-VIPPS websites before settling on 1-800-pet-meds.

Here's a list of the 18 VIPPS certified websites which 1-800-pet-meds will price match to:

Back to my new veterinary medicine supplier search...
by Becky
on February 7, 2012
I placed my order, got free shipping, and it was shipped very quickly.
BUT when I used the product (FrontLine) I have found it to be completely ineffective.
I have used Front Line in the past that was purchased locally and had no issues, this item had non english lanquage and was shipped from overseas. I have to assume that is the reason that it did not work. Will not be ordering from them again nor recommending them to anyone. There is no savings when the product does not work.
by RJ
on November 4, 2011
to order with PRICE MATCH they charge your credit card immed.. but when they can not match because the supplier is not in USA, they take 5 business days (7-9days) to refund/credit your CreditCard. I will just keep purchasing from companies that are the cheapest. I don't care were the product ships from. be aware
8 review
by Reviewer100560
on July 10, 2010
I buy all my pet medications here and they have fast shipping, great prices and if there ever is a problem, their customer service gets back to me right away and takes care of the problem.
4 review
by Reviewer100532
on April 18, 2010
Not sure if I would order from again. Took them a couple days to get info about prescription from my vet, which was slow on 1800petmeds part. They advertise free shipping, but mine had to be overnighted due to it needed to be kept cold and that was a extra 23.99 which kind of killed the deal.
8 review
by Reviewer100534
on March 3, 2010
The website calculated my shipping wrong (to my benefit). After I confirmed the order, they emailed me a receipt, where the shipping was more than what I agreed to. I emailed them back, and they agreed to refund the extra amount they billed me. No hassle. I'd buy from them again.
8 review
by Reviewer100553
on January 28, 2010
I've been using this site for at least a couple of years. Their service has been entirely reliable and they deliver (in both senses of the word) exactly what they describe. Meds always arrive on time, securely boxed regardless of how small the container might be, and they send the dog a free bone-shaped biscuit with every order as a neat final touch.

If you aren't familiar with the site, the name might put you off as it did me, initially; 1-800-anything sounds too much like one of those tacky not-available-in-stores offers. But this is the real deal and gets a rare top rating from me.

Incidentally I just noticed this is my 300th review, so I'm pleased to be able to mark that small milestone with something entirely positive, just for a change!
8 review
by Reviewer100529
on January 18, 2010
Order was filled and shipped quickly. Price was good, but not the best, Due a search for a discount code, should be able to find 10% without much trouble.
10 review
by Reviewer100554
on September 3, 2009
I have tried many online stores to buy cheap pet medication and some of them are complete scams. I now usually buy at 1800petmeds, they have pretty much everything you need and their prices are extremely reasonable and cheaper than going to your local vet or pet store.
2 review
by Reviewer100527
on September 1, 2009
They took upon themselves to change the order, remove a 10% coupon they had sent as a "thank you" for a previous order, and removed the priority shipping. So in short we get to wait longer and pay $25 extra for our pets' flea/tick and heartworm medicines. Won't be buying from them again...
10 review
by Reviewer100528
on April 16, 2009
I have ordered twice now from this company. Both orders went smoothly. Easy to order online. Also ordered some prescription medication. The store went ahead and verified with the vet, so that I didn't need to contact the vet myself for a prescription. Great service. Good packaging and fast shipping. Great prices. Will strongly consider for future orders and recommend to family and friends.
10 review
by Reviewer100558
on March 26, 2009
Pet medication is always expensive at your local vet and it is worth checking out this place if you need expensive antibiotics for your pet. Their shipping is pretty fast and reliable too!!!
10 review
by Reviewer100531
on September 17, 2008
Placed phone order, did not have to wait, person on other end was courteous and competent. They not only lived up to their price-match guarantee, but voluntarily beat the competitive price I quoted them. They responded promptly by email when there was a problem getting my vet to write the prescription, and when that was resolved they shipped my order right away. Very impressive.
10 review
by Reviewer100530
on August 14, 2008
Petmeds is great, but be aware that if your vet doesn't cooperate on rx required meds, it will be a complete PITA. Our vet won't answer the phone when they call and throws out their faxes. The only way we can submit prescriptions is by mail which is slow.
10 review
by Reviewer100557
on August 10, 2008
Pet medication is always expensive at your local vet and it is worth checking out this place if you need expensive antibiotics for your pet. Their shipping is pretty fast and reliable too!!!
2 review
by Reviewer100526
on June 7, 2008
On April 24 '10, I placed an online order for $60.99 from 1800petmeds. On April 27 '10, I called to ask if the prescription had been received and was informed that yes it had been received and that the item was ready to ship. So I asked them to upgrade my shipping to Priority for an additional $3.99. Rather than charging me the $3.99 shipping charge, they instead charged me *$64.98* which is the $60.99 I originally paid PLUS the $3.99. Meaning, my account then had two back to back charges within minutes of each other, one for original $60.99 and then another for $64.98! If they had done their jobs correctly, it should have been one charge for $60.99 and then the one for $3.99 shipping.

Three hours later when I noticed the double charge, I called 1800petmeds and spoke with a certain customer rep. I told him that this DOUBLE CHARGE was endangering my account of being overdrawn and that they needed to fix it immediately because if I was hit with over-the-limit fees they would be responsible. He AGREED with me that a MISTAKE was made (after some teeth pulling because this guy did NOT want to admit that they messed up), took my bank's phone number, my bank card number, and told me he would call my bank, take care of it, and call me right back. He called me back in a 1/2 hour to report that it was fixed. So I breathed a sigh of relief. Until two days later when my bank account was hit with TWO OVERDRAFT CHARGES TOTALING $72 as a DIRECT result of their mistake. After nearly 40 minutes on the phone with my bank I was able to explain to them, and they were able to clearly see, that this was all caused by 1800petmeds UNAUTHORIZED charge of $64.98. So now I had to have my credit card cancelled and wait for a reissue, have to file a claim with my bank in order for them to investigate and for me to be compensated for the overdraft fees. Not to mention, clearing up this whole fiasco has eaten up 50 minutes of my cell phone time (i do not use a land line) SO FAR, putting me in jeopardy of accruing MORE CHARGES for going over my minutes.

All thanks to the ineptitude of 1800petmeds staff. Not sure if this nonsense was the fault of one person or two, all I know is that their mistake created this whole exhausting mess. A simple mistake, yes. A careless mistake, definitely. But a mistake that has cost me time, money, stress, and having to cut up my bank card. Would rather pay more through my vet than ever use them again.
8 review
by Reviewer100533
on June 4, 2008
The website calculated my shipping wrong (to my benefit). After I confirmed the order, they emailed me a receipt, where the shipping was more than what I agreed to. I emailed them back, and they agreed to refund the extra amount they billed me. No hassle. I'd buy from them again.
10 review
by Reviewer100525
on May 12, 2008
I love these guys, my vet hates them. The perscription for heartguard has to be mailed in because so many people that go to my vet use them that he said, "I only give written scripts because I would have to hire someone to handle all the faxes", which is fine because he wont match the price either. I mentioned that they have the same "VIPPS" verification on their website that he has on his sign outside and he really didn't like that because now I know that I am getting the same meds. The non-prescription stuff like frontline ships the same day, and I alwyas ask for a second bone in the box, and never get it, but they are an awesome alternative to going to the vet or big box retailer, ships right to my door in a box that fits in my mailbox.
8 review
by Reviewer100556
on September 29, 2007
They are usually cheaper than retail stores and local vets and their shipping is fast so your pet gets their medication on time. Never had any problems with them.
10 review
by Reviewer100555
on July 27, 2007
I really love this website. It's so much easier to just order here and get the supplies you need for your pets in one fell swoop. Their prices are good, in fact, a bit lower than most large Pet Store chains and they have specialty products that you can't usually find at the stores.

One great thing is that the prescription medications you need for your pest are much cheaper here than if you were to buy the medicine at your local vet. You do need a pet prescription for some. Usually I will ask for the prescription from my vet and the vet sometimes lowers their prices to match 1800petmeds.

All in all, it is a fun place to shop if you are a pet owner/lover.

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